Tron Lamp Comes with a Free Game


The collector’s edition of the Tron: Evolution game has been revealed. First, the good news: It comes with an awesome lightcycle replica made by Sideshow that does light up, the lightcycle has its own case that Kotaku correctly points out can be used as a lamp, and the case also holds the game, which is kind of neat. The bad news: It’s going to cost $130. Also the game probably sucks.

You guys know how excited I am about about the movie, but recall, everything we’ve seen from the game is either a basic platform/beat-’em-up combo, or a racing game on lightcycles — not the lightcycle game, mind you, since that would be awesome, but fixed-track racing missions where the light walls generated by the lightcycles don’t seem to factor in at all. So the question is: Is an awesome lightcycle lamp worth $130 if it comes with a free terrible game? Personally, I’m going to have get back to you on that. Thanks to Arsenal for the tip.