The City of Naruto Is Desperate, Sad

There is a city in Japan, in Tokushima prefecture, called Naruto. I don’t know for certain that their town is facing abject poverty, or that life there is crushingly depressing, or even that it’s that small, but I assume it is. Why? Because the city of Naruto is pimping itself out to Naruto fans, based solely on the fact that it has the same name. To do this, the townsfolk have put on a little festival, given away Naruto-themed gift certificates and posters. But my favorite part is this:


?They carved the Leaf Village Hokage Rock — the Ninja Mt. Rushmore of the series, if you will — above some government building. So basically, you’re looking at the Japanese equivalent of Metropolis, Illinois: they both have a name, a nerdy statue, and a lot of desperation. Maybe they can be sister cities or something. (Via ANN)