This Is Why You Don’t Debate Mayor Mike Haggar

Capcom’s been doing these little Mike Haggar mayoral moments — hopefully you remember Haggar as the Mayor in the classic beat-’em-up Final Fight whose daughter gets kidnapped and he decides to take his shirt off and beat up every criminal in the city himself — to promote the upcoming Final Fight: Double Impact on Xbox Live and PSN. There are two other videos; they’re not that funny, frankly, but there’s something about Mike Haggar that makes me laugh anyways, so I thought I’d share. I’m also impressed with the instant co-op here; I’m sure there are other online games that do this and I’m just behind the curve as usual, but the idea that I can join in a buddy’s game and it’s just like I inserted a quarter in the same machine astounds me with it simple awesomeness. Man, every classic arcade game on Xbox and PS3 should have that options. I’m writing a letter to the mayor.