Star Wars Uncut May Be the Greatest Thing Ever

Remember Star Wars Uncut? The remake of Star Wars where fans made their own 15-second clips of the entire movie? It’s finished. And if you watch the above clip of the escape from the Death Star, I’m pretty sure it really is the greatest thing ever (it’s got my vote, and that was before the hamburger taking off from the hanger made me laugh out loud). Right now, it’s only scheduled to play at some shindig in Copenhagen, but the guys behind it say it’ll at least play in NYC eventually. I hope to hell a DVD release isn’t too far behind, and I hope Lucas doesn’t squash it. He’s allowed far less complimentary fan projects, so if he hates this, we officially know that George Lucas hates joy. (Via io9)

Oh, no DVD Day today. There is absolutely nothing of interest coming out today. The only thing I even considered listing was Sex Galaxy, which isn’t even one of those delightfully horrible ’70s sci-fi sex flicks but a modern homage to them. No thank you.