Reminder: Tomorrow Is Free Comic Book Day



?It’s been a decade since Free Comic Book Day — the annual event in which degenerate freeloaders descend upon their local comic shops like plagues of handout-seeking locusts — began, and this year’s festivities feature an impresive lineup of freebies. Amongst the most notable special issues being given away tommorow are John Romita Jr. and Matt Fraction’s Iron Man/Thor team-up, Dark Horse’s Doctor Solar/Magnus, Robot Fighter (which revives the classic Gold Key Comics characters) and reprints of the first issue of The Tick and Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet debut (based on his unproduced screenplay). Stores will also be featuring artist and writer signings along with the requisite appearances by overweight dudes in superhero costumes. Full details and additional info on any special happenings that may occur can be found on the event’s website. That’s also where you’ll find this:


Apparently, the only thing that baffles Milo Ventimiglia more than Heroes plot developments is how to turn off his camera. Be sure to get to the event early or you’ll likely find that the comic left is Sonic the Hedgehog.