May the Adorable Force Be with You

sw kubricks.jpg


Medicom Toys is getting in on the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes ?Back action with this set of Kubrick figures from the film that includes:

? Luke Skywalker in Hoth Gear

? LL Bean Han Solo

? Leia in “I’m wearing white but am actually quite easy” casual wear

? Chewbacca in rave outfit

? drunk C-3P0

? midget Snowtrooper

Okay, so most of the desciptions above are innacurate. But one look at the above picture shows you what you are getting with this set — lots and lots of cuteness. Aww. Each of the annoyingly blind boxed figures includes a piece of an AT-ST with an opening hatch that you build can and then place any Kubrick you damn well please in. (Doctor Zaius would be an especially wonderful choice). If you want to ensure that you get the entire assortment, Big Bad Toy Store is currently accepting pre-orders for a box of 12 that will run you $199.99. And they don’t take Republic credits either.