His Name Is Bucky and He Likes To… Uh…

bucky and fucky.jpg

?…star in the live-action Captain America film? Yes, it was announced last Thursday that Sebastian Stan has been hired to portray Cap’s young sidekick Bucky in the Cap film. Since last Thursday was April 1st, I decided to hold off reporting this bit of casting to make sure it was true. Not that I have any problem with Stan — frankly, I’ve never heard of him before, although the information supernettube says he’s in Gossip Girl in some capacity — but because I’m confused why Bucky is going to be in the Captain America film at all. Everyone knows that young sidekicks are hard to work into superhero films if you want them to seem even vaguely realistic; it’s just one of those comic devices that don’t translate on the scene. We’ve come a long way, but I don’t think mass audiences can handle a superhero named “Bucky,” either — it seemed a very logical April Fool’s joke for Marvel to pull. But apparently it isn’t, and Bucky is going to be part of the movie — but how? I was under the impression that in the film Steve Rogers was a USO performer in some way before he becomes Cap, or after but before he takes up superheroics — how the hell does Bucky figure into that? Is he a comedy sidekick? I’m not sold on this whole USO thing to begin with, but tacking Bucky along makes it sound even worse. I can only assume that Marvel has included Bucky in hopes that they can do a Winter Soldier storyline in a sequel or three-quel to Captain America. What do you guys think? (Via Marvel)