Green Lantern Gets His Very Own Power Ballad

If you miss the days when movie soundtracks were packed with fist-pumping gems like “Eye of the Tiger” and that “You’re the Best” song from The Karate Kid, you are not alone. Musician Gary Mitchell felt so strongly that Green Lantern needed a kick ass rock anthem to get audiences jazzed that he wrote and recorded “In Brightest Day.” In a move reminiscent of Stan Bush’s failed attempt to get “The Touch” used in Michael Bay’s Transformers films, Mitchell has turned to the Internet with hopes that the producers of Hal Jordan’s big screen debut will notice his Nickelback-esque tune and use it on the film’s soundtrack. On the song’s YouTube page he discusses his intentions:

The idea is to launch a grassroots online campaign to get the song noticed by and licensed to the people producing the Green Lantern movie, set to come out in 2011. With hard hitting guitar riffs, rock solid groove and exhilarating energy, “In Brightest Day” is the perfect GL anthem, exalting themes of courage, perseverance and will power in the midst of impossible challenges, perfect to appeal to fans and non comic fans alike.

Take a listen; you won’t be disappointed. If you like the song, feel free to leave a comment, and if you know anyone who can help this song get noticed, please let us know. WE NEED YOUR HELP! Enjoy the music and thanks for stopping by!

Hilariously enough, the makeshift video for the song features images from the comic juxtaposed with time-lapse photography and “inspirational” footage of people doing heroic shit. (Kayaking, FUCK YEAH!) Given the success of the recent Facebook campaign to get Betty White on Saturday Night Live, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Mitchell’s plan will be successful. Personally, I’m torn between wanting to mock his efforts and my desire to hear Survivor make”In Brightest Day” their comeback.