Mad Mattel Men


The NY Times is reporting that Mattel is making office Mad Men Barbie dolls. And I guess they’re not lying, because they have the above picture of the dolls of Joan Holloway, Roger Sterling, Don Draper and Betty Draper (left to right) above, and that would have been an elaborate amount of work to report fake toys. The dolls will be limited to 10,000 or less each, and available at and Mattel’s official Barbie Collector site for $75 each. Now, it’s a little weird that Barbie is now depicting television characters whose hobbies consist solely of smoking, drinking and adultery, although the toys won’t come with any toy cigarettes or martinis, but I figure the whole stylish ’60s thing makes more than enough sense to make up for it. What I don’t get is why Mattel didn’t trot out the old 54-24-48 or whatever Barbie doll body for the Joan/Christine Hendricks Barbie. I mean, Mattel finally found a human being with the original Barbie’s insane proportions; why not go for it?