Get a New Pair of Underpants, It’s Another Transformers: War for Cybertron Video

I know I just did a TF:WfC post yesterday, but once you watch this, I think you’ll forgive me. This video is half an interview with Game Director for High Moon Studios Matt Tieger, but since the other half is more gameplay videos and cutscenes, I don’t think anyone will mind. I defy any Transformers fan to not fill their britches at more footage of Omega Supreme and Trypticon kicking unholy ass; but the real joy is seeing some more of the game’s combat — both ground vehicle and flying — in action. Hell, I don’t even count myself as a TF fan — I like the franchise in general, but I own none of the cartoons and maybe two TF toys — and I’m literally salivating at this video. Madness.