The Sun Also Rises at DC


?Today DC announced its next big-ass crossover event, the follow-up to the still-ongoing Blackest Night. If you’ve forgotten that after the sun sets, and, at a certain point later, it rises again, then you will be shocked to know that this event will be titled “Brightest Day.” (For those who are spoiled that the DC universe isn’t actually destroyed at the end of Blackest Night, my apologies.) The DC Source blog has been announcing bits and pieces of it all day, but mostly on the who and not on the what — Geoff Johns will be co-writing it, it’ll involve several titles, and it’ll be a 26-issue bi-weekly series, which lowers its chance of being a Countdown to Final Crisis-style debacle by half. So what’s Brightest Day about? No idea. There’s clearly a White power ring up above (cough), and I doubt that all the DC heroes will be walking through fields of daisies and adopting puppies. However, some people have theorized that this is part of a company-wide initiative to get DC’s comics to lighten the hell up. If so, I’m down with that. If you want more details on what titles are affected, who’s writing and drawing what, head over to the Source.