Jackie Earle Haley Is Sinestro Possibly Maybe


?This is a rumor. I hate posting rumors. Still, it’s such an awesome rumor that needs to be fact so badly that I’m reporting it anyways in hopes that my fervent wishes make it so — Jackie Earle Haley might play Sinestro. The word is that Haley is the favorite to play Green Lantern‘s most famous villain, which is great because not only is Haley a great actor, he kind of looks like Sinestro. HitFix, who seem to have posted the news first, also have this big spoiler about the Green Lantern film, so avert ye eyes if you wish to remains ignorant:

Looks like Hector Hammond is the first villain, and Sinestro will be the villain in the sequel — although Sinestro could also be coming back for round 2. It’s nice to see them thinking ahead, but, although you DC fans chided me for my ignorance of Hector Hammond, I’m still worried about the first Green Lantern movie not having a name villain. I still have a hard time believing kids are going to be desperate to buy an action figure called “Hector Hammond.” (Via FilmDrunk)