Iron Man’s Amazing New Armor Looks Like Iron Man


?Let me tell you a little something about the comics coverage on Topless Robot. As I’ve said a million times, I don’t head to my local comic shop every Wednesday. However, American comics is obviously part of TR‘s all-purpose nerd news mission, because I — and hopefully other non-comics people — still want to be kept abreast of big and/or crazy comic developments, such as non-Lantern DC characters getting power rings. If no one emails me and tells me this shit when it happens, yeah, I’m gonna be late — I’m dependent on the comics sites like Newsarama and Comic Book Resources, like yesterday, when I saw the cover for Blackest Night #7. Thus, I might be a bit late reporting some of these things, but for me — and hopefully for others — that’s mitigated by reporting the big comics news to people who don’t want to try and sift through the hardcore comics sites. Topless Robot is all about relating interesting news from all walks of nerd-dom that a well-rounded nerd wants to know.

That said, Iron Man is apparently getting a new armor which looks almost exactly like his old armor. Why is this interesting and/or a big development? I don’t know, but those comic sites seem to think it is. So there you go.