Hitler’s Revenge Is Swift, Merciless and 8-Bit

Ladies and gentlemen, I have an apology to make. Yesterday I ended TR‘s broadcast day with a video of some weird Italian college project on “global trends” as demonstrated by Super Mario. It was interesting, but, well, only vaguely. See, at some point yesterday I remembered seeing an awesome 8-bit Nintendo-inspired video, but when time came to post it, my booze-addled brain had forgotten what it was. The only thing I could remember seeing was Super Mario Trends. I assumed that was it, posted it, and quit to mix margaritas in my mouth.

However, earlier today Comics Alliance‘s Laura Hudson posted the above video, which was in fact what I had seen and is massively entertaining. It’s an homage to how insanely difficult the games of yore were, with everything killing you at the merest touch, no matter how innocous. Although it’s titled Hitler’s Revenge, there is no Hitler — just a little chef who throws hoagies at things (although there is a special guest star I have no desire to spoil). It’s wonderful. And much better than what I posted yesterday. Please, enjoy with my sincere apologies.