Please Make Sure Your Selt Belt Is Buckled Before Viewing This Whiplash Poster


?It’s the best shot of Iron Man 2‘s Whiplash so far, so it seemed like ti was worth posting. Two things: 1) Remember the rumors that this was an early version of Whiplash’s outfit, and that he would be wearing a less-flesh-exposing version later on the movie (actually, it suddenly dawned on me that he looks a helluva lot like the Prince of Persia on a three-month bender)? We’ve never seen any pictures of that later version. I can’t decide if they’re really effectively keeping it under wraps or if there is no second version. 2) Are we certain that Mickey Rourke actually knows he’s starring in Iron Man 2? I find it just as believable that a drunk Rourke made laser whips and attacked Robert Downey Jr. with them, which Jon Favreau was smart enough to capture on film. It certainly wouldn’t be the craziest thing he’s done.