GTA Clones of the Ooooooolllldd West

I’d been ignoring Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar’s sequel to the Western-themed GTA-esque sandbox game Red Dead Revolver, mainly because no one cared about Red Dead Revolver and I just wanted to fit in with the cool kids. But enough of you guys have emailed me about this Red Dead Redemption video that I decided to take a look, and… wow. I’m not sure that it’s a must-buy for me — I’m pretty sure I’ll still be playing Final Fantasy XIII when it comes out in April (possibly having not shaved, showered, or emptied my special Final Fantasy bedpan, which I keep for these releases) — but it looks a lot more interesting than Grand Theft Auto has for a while. I do enjoy a good Western, though. I can only pray there’s a “Fill Your Hand, You Sonuva Bitch” button.