DVD Day: December 15th, 2009


?? The Maxx: The Complete Series
Well, that was quick. All 13 episodes for $17 — but watch out, because somehow this actually doesn’t come out until Thursday.

? Star Trek: The Original Series Season 3
On Blu-ray, of course, for a not insignificant $53. You can be all three seasons at once and save a few bucks, if you’ve held off on these.

? Inglourious Basterds
I was more excited about Inglourious Basterds than any other Tarantino film. I saw it, loved it, but weirdly, I don’t know that I feel to own it. Also, the misspelled title still drives me crazy.

? Robot Chicken Season 4
When you buy Robot Chicken DVDs, you feed friends of Topless Robot.

? Samurai Champloo: The Complete Series
Japan tries to recapture that Cowboy Bebop magic, but with samurai and hip hop instead of bounty hunters and jazz. It fails, but that still makes for a pretty good series. Episode 15 is one of my favorite anime episodes of all time, for whatever that’s worth.

? The Mel Brooks Collection
Nine Brooks movies on Blu-ray, ranging from Young Frankenstein to Robin Hood: Men in Tights. Two things to know: it includes some movie called Twelve Chairs, which I’ve never heard of, and it doesn’t include the original Producers, which I believe is still Brooks’ finest work.

? The Head: The Complete Series
The other legendary MTV animation from Bill Plympton. 22 episodes for $22, and it’s available today. Weird.