Here Is a Trailer for the Motion Picture Kick-Ass, My Friends

New plan: make the most straight-forward titles possible in regards to the Kick-Ass movie, to avoid all implication and temptation to call any aspect of it “kick ass.” As for the teaser trailer, it looks sharp — maybe you guys who have read the whole series can back me up, but from the little I’ve seen of Mark Millar’s comic, this thing looks like a color photocopy. This thing may be the most authentic-to-the-original comic book movie ever made, which is kind of cool. Also cool? That this movie has Nicholas Cage in it, and they don’t even let him speak in the trailer; they could easily try to trade on his star power (regardless of how you feel about him, he’s certainly a movie star) but nope, they’re hawking the comic and that’s it. Nice.

P.S. — I’d like to thank Chris Cummins for ably filling in for me yesterday. As I mentioned on Twitter, he did such a great job that I’m going to have him killed, lest you guys transfer your affections from me to him.