Being a Superfriend Means Never Having to Wear Pants


?I am horrifically late with this news, so you have my apologies. Apparently, Mattel announced this Justice League Unlimited three-pack of Samurai, Apache Chief and Black Lightning — a.k.a. the Affirmative Action Superfriends — many moons ago, but I just now heard about them when Shortpacked found them on sale a couple of days ago. Like all JLU toys, they’re Target exclusives, so that where you’ll need to look for your Superfriends.

As for me, I’m stunned — stunned to discover Black Lightning didn’t wear leggings. I knew Samurai and Apache Chief didn’t, but Black Lightning? His costume covers his entire upper torso. It’d be like me going on with a shirt, a hoodie, and a pair of tighty-whities. It’s worth noting that the only other Superfriends who didn’t wear pants were Wonder Woman — a woman — and Robin — a boy. Clearly, pants were a privelige only granted to the Superwhitemen. (Via Comics Alliance)