The Avatar Trailer Is Now Watchable with Bonus Foreign-y Subtitles

Assuming the new Avatar trailer is still supposed to be released officially on the infotubernet tomorrow, you can jump the gun by watching the non-shit Avatar trailer above, as long as you don’t mind some crazy moon language subtitles on the bottom. Now, I have two thoughts about this trailer, and the first is that I have no idea whether the movie is entirely CG or not. Sometimes I think it is, sometimes I think it isn’t. The point is, James Cameron has used his tech to create CG that truly looks like real people, which is kind of impressive… and kind of not. I’m not trying to be a dick, but if it looks like a real person — and the CG is being used to create a scene that real people could do anyways — does it really matter whether the actors are CG or not? If they’re not doing something they can’t do in real-life, aren’t you just blowing good money on state-of-the-art animation when you could have had Sigorney Weaver and Sam Worthington in the same room and saved a ton of money? Aren’t you defeating your own purpose?

And as an addendum to that, if you have that kind of CG technology, why would you blow it on alien creature that look like a more cartoony version of an Animorphs character? (Thanks for the tip, guys.)

Now, my other point is that although I appear to hate Avatar, I don’t. I think James Cameron is a hell of a filmmaker, and, given his track record, you can’t dismiss him or Avatar. If I seem to be piling on the criticism, it’s because Cameron and everyone who’s covered Avatar for the last few years has done nothing but to declare it to be the new greatest movie of all time that will forever change the world of cinema… yet it looks like Captain Planet with cats. Not a single frame or trailer backs any of that of. I hate the hype more than anything, and I’ll be giving Avatar a fair shake when I review it. Oh, unless it turns out Cameron deliberately ripped off Poul Anderson’s story (I do think he might have done it unconsciously), and in which case fuck him and his blueberry furries.