He’s Covered Wars, You Know, So Fighting Chun Li Is No Big Deal

The Tokyo Game Show is currently on-going, and the only announcement that has currently rocking my world so far is that Dead Rising‘s Frank West will be a playable character in the upcoming U.S. release of Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom. Even if you weren’t impressed with Dead Rising or have no desire to buy another Vs game, I defy you to watch this video and tell me that Frank West is not the greatest fighting game character of all time. His basic moves include using the gear he could grab in the Dead Rising mall, including shovels, baseball bats, and shopping carts. Hell, he can send out zombies after his opponents. But really, just watch his special moves — they’re divine. This might be the first Wii game I end up buying since early 2008, frankly. (Via Kotaku)