The Best All-Female Japanese Musical of a Nintendo DS Game You’ll See All Day

This would absolutely be a perfect candidate for Super Terrific Japanese Thing except I can’t wait for Wednesday to show it. So work with me here — for some reason, the Japanese love musical of popular modern franchises. Sailor Moon had a few musicals, and did Bleach and several other anime (and we’re all concerned about Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark). Now — totally independent from this phenomenon — is an all-female stage troupe called the Takazara Revue, who do everything from Shakespeare to the aforementioned anime musicals with a healthy smattering of transvestism. Still with me?

Good, because their most recent hit is a musical based on the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney videogames for the Nintendo DS, where players act as lawyers in various ridiculous and extremely Japanese court cases. The musical began this past February, but only now have they been subtitled for your bewildered enjoyment. Behold:

iGeektrooper has several more videos if you have no “objection.” Tee hee!