G.I. Joe Twists the Knife a Little Deeper

By all accounts, the early reviews for G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra are mainly “better than I thought it would be.” Whether than means it’s shitty but less shitty than anticipated or genuinely good remains to be seen. But here’s a new TV commercial for the flick with a smattering of new footage, set to… sigh… Kid Rock’s “American Badass.” 
I’m trying to decide what’s more disheartening here — that there’s a G.I. Joe movie using a Kid Rock song as its background music, which by itself makes genuinely sad, or the fact that using “American Badass” is utterly senseless, given that the movie has gone waaaaay out of it’s way to turn the Real American Heroes into an indistinct international fighting force. You can’t have it both ways, G.I. Joe movie. You’re the one who decided the Joes weren’t an American team, so you can’t use “American Badass.” Right now, you’re just rubbing salt in the wound.