TR Contest: Preferred Superpower



I’m doing something different for this week’s TR contest: I don’t need your knowledge of nerdy trivia, or hear about a traumatic incident from your childhood (although those are always funny). This week is pure you, because I’m looking for the superpower you want most, and why.

It’s all about your creativity here. Which means you can think up a rather bizarre superpower and then explain to me how you’d use it, or you can pick a very boring superpower, but you’d better have a damn entertaining reason why. Whoever entertains me the most wins, as per usual, but I tell you that if you can use your power to fight crime in some bizarre or inappropriate way, you’ll get extra points.

Personally, I would like to be able to materialize empty gin bottles with one hand, and full scotch bottles with the other. Because anyone who read Milk & Cheese knows the gin bottle is the best liquor bottle to attack someone with, and the full scotch bottle because… well, because it would save me a lot of time and money. It would be especially helpful right now, as I’m trying to forget about certain Atlanteans being mutants and certain members of Goof Troop giving each other handjobs. See? Useful and potentially heroic at the same time! The rules are here and the contest ends at 3 am EST on April 13th. Excelsior, fellow nerds — try not to star in the Star Trek Adventure if you find one!