TR’s Heroes Live-Blog XXI: Petrelli Family Reunion/Graverobbing Edition


Guys, I’ve come to the conclusion that last week’s episode of Heroes
was awful. Not only did we have the utterly needless Japanese redneck
who almost-but-not-quite gave Hiro and Ando a ride, we had the big
stupid Parkman plot to kill the whore Powder loves, even though
everyone in the audience knew he wasn’t going to shoot anybody. I’m
still hopeful for this episode, but I’m almost certain there’s no point
to the Petrelli family digging up all those corpses because Ma Petrelli
is just going to tell a story about the “real” origin story (I guess
the skeletons will be to set the mood).

So with this ringing endorsement, please stop by for tonight’s Heroes
Live-blog, beginning at 8:50 pm EST. I’ll be making the Ando face the
entire time, so you can be sure the internet will stay working.