Singularity Lets You Make Babies the Disgusting Way

No, not “froggy-style” (but that is pretty disgusting). No, Singularity is a first-person-shooter which I hadn’t at all heard of, until I got this press release:

Singularity is a new video game in which you use a device to move objects through the spectrum of time. Turn an enemy back into a fetus-like monster, watch locked doors rust and crumble away, or send a broken bridge backwards and watch it return to a usable state.

That’s some mean-spirited shit right there. And based on the above trailer, it looks like you can also age people until their flesh turns to dust and blows away. Now, add this cool mechanic to the amazingly original concept of a dude crash-landing on a strange island with bizarre time properties, and you’ve got yourself one hell of a game!

Oh, I kid, Singularity. Rip off Lost all you want; I just want to turn people into babies and kill them. I have issues which need working out.