The G.I. Joe movie toys are popping up on eBay.
Someone has the movie versions of the Combat Heroes.
One of these packs is Duke and Cobra Commander.
Above is Cobra Commander.
Since the other characters look like their movie counterparts, it’s probably safe to say it’s reasonably accurate.


What’s the worst part here? The fact that his mask has no features except for nostrils? His crazy eyes? That he has tubes from his chest to his neck, to keep the chest juice flowing? that he has other tubes in the front of his mask for god knows what? Or the fact that the producers FOUND THE ORIGINAL COBRA COMMANDER HOOD TO BE TOO SCARY FOR THEIR PG-13 MOVIE, AND THUS DECIDED ON THIS HUGE PILE OF SHIT [email protected]%#!% LSAJG1#%!%HL MY EYES JKJ%!%#$% MY EYES HAVE [email protected]#$DWV WLKEWHL Fc  cg   q wdf  ;a  @#%% 5 (Via Hisstank)