Shocker’s Indie Spotlight Figures Are Still Really Coming Out

And this time, the faux-Marvel Legends have a firm Diamond shipping date of December, so it sounds like they’re actually happening and will be available for purchase. Also, it sounds like they’ll mostly be sold in comic stores, so they hopefully won’t have the same problem of hanging interminably on Wal-Mart shelves as Son of Joe six-pack wonders who the hell Madman is. Here’s the line-up:

? The Maxx (8-inches tall)
? Katchoo from Strangers in Paradise
? Kabuki
? Scud the Disposable Assassin (with SOL variant)
? Shadowhawk (with black costume variant)

It won’t come with a build-a-figure, but if you buy all seven (including the variants), you can send in the UPCs for a Mr. Gone (from The Maxx) figure. Series 2?including The Tick, Dick Tracy, Ignacia (WildGuard), Jack Staff and Zombie King (Deadworld)?isn’t scheduled, but Arthur is the mail-away toy. I’m glad The Tick isn’t the mail-away figure (as I’d once thought), but now I’m bitter Arthur is. I would love to buy articulated Tick toys, but my desire to pay for an Ignacia figure in order to do so is somewhere near absolute zero.