Stan Lee Is No Longer Discriminating In His Projects

Oh, Stan. Stan. How could you? Are you really so hard up for cash that you’d make a superhero cartoon with the epitome of all terrorists hate about America, Paris Hilton? Because I’ll write you a check right now if that’s what the problem is. Says some random celeb site:

“Actually, I’ve created a superhero with [Spider-Man co-creator Stan Lee], which is [based on]me, and we’re doing a cartoon right now with MTV,” she tells San Diego’s CityBeat.

Which begs the question, which superhero power would the paparazzi-chased socialite most like to have? “To be invisible — that would be fun,” she says.

Along those fantastical lines, Paris addresses which “Star Trek” character she’d hook up with: “None. I have a boyfriend, and, um, I don’t watch ‘Star Trek.'”

What a riveting interview, and what a scintillating personality. Now excuse me, while I slam my head against my desk in pure hate. Seriously, this makes Stripperella sound like The Dark Knight. Shouldn’t someone have to stop actively causing society harm before someone makes a superhero cartoon about them? Shouldn’t that be a rule?