New Batman Anime Trailer Vs. Woefully Undermatched Hulk Poster

Uh…wow. I keep trying to keep a level head about the Gotham Knight anime, with the high probability of problems between the American writers and Japanese directors, the more-than-occasional artsy goofiness of anime “auteurs,” and the usual soulless cash-in status of these types of things, but man, Gotham Knight looks good. It’s made me release some kind of liquid in my pants, although I’m not sure which. I’ll update you later.

Pity the poor Incredible Hulk movie for having the bad luck to release its movie poster the same day as the above trailer:
While I’m so exited to see the Hulk’s back (because that way the front is saved for the movie! I wonder what he could possibly look like?!) it really just looks like the Hulk is going to sit down and get a mopey Ed Norton trapped between his enormous ass cheeks.