Movie News Trifecta: Storm Riders, Iron Man, The Dark Knight

? Fans of Hong Kong action films might want to put on an adult diaper, because I totally wet myself when I heard this news: There’s going to be a second Storm Riders movie. Based on the hit Chinese comic, the first film was incredible, with amazing action scenes and fantastic CG effects (well, for 1998, and for Hong Kong). The guys who played Cloud and Wind are both set to reprise their roles. For those who don’t think they care, please watch the trailer for the original Storm Riders below.

Beyond Hollywood has some excellent character artwork, if you’re interested.

? MovieWeb has a few pics of Iron Man and the Iron Monger playing catch with a car. It’s kind of charming, really.

? And The Dark Knight news is actually a big spoiler, so it’s after the jump.

Brave souls! So the word around town is that Two-Face will not being showing up in The Dark Knight…that is, not more than the Joker showed up in Batman Begins, so basically he’ll be just a tease for the third movie. This explains why there have been no Two-Face action figures.