DC Direct Reveals Batman Is Waaay Overdressed for The Dark Knight

DC Direct released a number of pics for their Dark Knight movie products, including the accessories-laden 12-inch deluxe figures above, two statues, two mini-busts, and a few replicas. If you want to see that other stuff, go to, where I got the pics. Because I want to complain about Batman’s outfit.

What the hell? What are all those grooves and crannies and things on him? What possible purpose could they be serving? They’re too random and bizarre to be armor, right? What’s the benefit of protecting all but three long strips of his thigh? God help me, but this kind of hussying-up makes me wish Batman went the spandex route, a la Spider-man.

Also, I wouldn’t have pegged the Joker for wearing such comfortable loafers. Those things look stylish and comfortable.