Video Games News Trifecta: Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Final Fantasy XIII, GTA IV and Why Xbox 360s Die

? It’s Mario and Kirby and Solid Snake and Some Other Guy in action. Cooler still, this is actually being played over Wi-Fi?two Nintendo teams, one in Osaka and one in Tokyo, brawling online. Looks nice. Make sure to watch until the end to see the glare Snake gives Kirby. It’s priceless.

? Square Enix says there will be a Final Fantasy XIII demo sometime in 2008, mostly to show people the new combat system. This implies two things: 1) FFXIII won’t come out until 2009, and 2) the combat could be just as goofy as FFXII, which had a demo for the same reason. Neither of these things pleases me.

? The fourth installment of the acclaimed, best-selling prostitute-murder-simulator Grand Theft Auto series will be released on April 29. Best start practicing! On real whores!

? 8Bit Joystick has an interview with an anonymous source inside Microsoft which explains why so very many Xbox 360s die. If you don’t want to read the lengthy but very interesting interview, it can be summed up as “Microsoft no design good.”