Modern Anime Masterpiece Evangelion Used to Shill Another Crappy Gambling Game

If you love gambling and emotionally devastated 14-year-olds, there aren’t many things that combine your interests. Thank god for the upcoming Neon Genesis Evangelion Pachislot DS Vol. 1 game, which combines the two like a delicious Reese’s Cup.
Of course, the game will only be available in Japan, you’ll have to import it. Now, my Japanese is a bit rusty, but I think I’ve figured out what some of the slot results achieve:

? No win: Shinji cries.
? Three Cherries: Rei dies. (This happens a lot, don’t worry.)
? Three Crowns: A major character other than Rei dies.
? Three 7s: Misato, Asuka, or Shinji’s dad berates Shinji. Shinji cries.
? Three Evangelion Logos: Shinji kills everyone on the planet to be with Asuka, who immediately berates him.

(Via Go Nintendo)