By Jeremy M. Zoss in Misc Nonsense
Monday, July 16, 2012 at 12:00 pm
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With a heavy heart, I must report that today marks the end of Joystick Division.

[Editor's note: The archives will remain online.]

Longtime readers may have sensed this news was coming. Over the last few months, activity on JD has slowed down as the current crew has prepared to embark on a new adventure. In truth, the fate of this site was sealed months ago, when business realities beyond our control dealt the operations of this site a near-fatal blow. Joystick Division could have closed up shop immediately. But the devoted team of writers working here cared to much to simply let it end and chose to keep working strictly out of love. To everyone on the Joystick Division team who stuck around, you have my eternal gratitude. I must also thank Village Voice Media, who gave us the keys to the site and one hundred percent creative freedom to do whatever we wanted with JD. Business realities may have changed. The support of our parent company never did.

I also need to thank everyone who ever worked with me on this site in the past. The thing that I am most proud of in my time as JD's leader is bringing together the talent that made the site what it was. We've had established writers who have written for some of games journalism's best-known outlets. We've had unknowns who had never written for any outlet before and developed into some of the strongest game writers in the field. Our alumni have written for magazines, gone to work for the biggest game publishers around, found exciting opportunities outside of gaming and much more. Their work at Joystick Division did not get them to those heights. Their own talent and ambition did. I am happy they shared their gifts with me for a time.

Thanks again to all the fine folks at Village Voice Media who helped guide Joystick Division over the years. We couldn't have done it without you. And the biggest thanks of all goes to our readers. It is not hyperbole at all to say that this site literally could not have happened without you. 

There is a chance that an entirely new staff of writers may take over this site, but I would bet against it. As for the current staff, I'm happy to say that most will be making the jump to a new venture lead by JD's own James Hawkins. Please come visit us all at our new gaming site, Bit Creature. There you'll find much of what we were doing at Joystick Division, hopefully taken to even greater heights.

Thank you a thousand times,

Jeremy Zoss

July 16, 2012

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