Slacker Radio Gift Certificate Giveaway!

By James Hawkins in Game Talk/Community
Thursday, June 7, 2012 at 10:00 am
So, news is Slacker Radio is making its way to Xbox Live. And wouldn't you know it. We have FIVE premium gift certificates to give out -- each lasting 3 months -- for you lucky readers out there.

A little background, then off to the contest! Slacker offers three kinds of subscription packages: first is the free one, which gives listeners access to a giant library of music. Only downside is the ads. You have to listen to them

Then, you have Slacker Radio Plus, which is $4 a month, which gives you ad-free radio, including ABC & ESPN Radio, with comprehensive lyrics and unlimited song-skips. Top tier, which is what we're giving away, is Premium -- which gives you total access to the whole library, and allows you to select specific songs, artists, and albums without the radio selecting. On to the contest!

In the comments section, tell me how big a slacker you are. The biggest, most convincing slacker will get a three-month subscription to Premium for free. That is a $30 value. Also, include your Twitter handle / email us at joystick division @ gmail . com and we'll let you know if you won!

Happy slacking!
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