What Class Are Your Playing In Diablo III?

By James Hawkins in Game Talk/Community
Tuesday, May 15, 2012 at 10:00 am
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Okay, so that day is upon us. It is Diablo 3 release day. Did you think you'd ever hear that? I did once StarCraft 2 finally up and released, but even still it was hard to conceptualize.

We've been waiting like a decade for this monster to drop, and the last year and a half has had IV drip of trailers, betas, demos, and screen shots to get the eager fan base buzzing. And with the edition of a few new character classes, the game has a new spin of appeal to those who delight in a sophisticated, diverse class system.

So who do you intend on going to penetrate Hell with? The new Witch Doctor? The Monk? How about the Barbarian, like me? Yeah I know it's safe but Leap is the most best.
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