Create A Pixel City With eBoy Wall Decals

By Jeremy M. Zoss in GearFest
Monday, April 2, 2012 at 10:00 am
Once in a great while, we encounter a home decorating story that's relevant to gamers. And no, it's not because we spend a lot of time watching HGTV (Although James does love Design on a Dime). Representatives of the Blik wall decals company sent us a set of the new New York-themed wall decals by artist collective eBoy. eBoy largely works in 8-bit-inspired, video game-style artwork, so naturally we were all too happy to check them out and see how the decals looked on our walls.

That's a sample product shot above, but I have a picture of the decals up on the walls of JD Central for you below. 
The first thing I noticed about the eBoy decals is how thoughtful it is, all the way from the decal sheets to the packaging. The mailing tube itself is stylish, with a logo sticker on the outside and even some themed phrases on the inside of the tube. The two big sheets of decals are laid out well, fitting a ton of decals, big and small, only only two sheets.

Unfortunately, the first decal I removed, an 8-bit take on the Statue of Liberty, stuck to itself as I removed it from the sheet. Trying to unstick it, I ripped a chunk off. I tried again to work it apart and ripped it again. Before long, the piece couldn't be salvaged and I had to throw it in the trash.

That failure was a valuable learning experience, and I was able to remove the rest of the pieces without problem (looking out for thin parts and unusual protrusions is key). While arranging them on the wall, I removed them several times and reapplied them, each time without issue. At least at first, the decals are easily removable and don't leave any residue. With dozens of decals, everyone's arrangement of these eBoy decals will be completely unique. Here's mine.

Old school exercise bike not included. Sorry about the blurriness of the photo. This is my basement exercise area, where the light is a little low. I still have about a dozen more decals to apply to complete my scene, and I can't wait to finish it up. It's a shocking amount of fun to create a decal world. 

The eBoy decal set sells for $50 on Blik's website. Considering that they're reusable and stylish, that seems like a fair price for some great game room decorations. Just make sure you're smarter than me and don't rip them.

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