Can a Mad Men Game Exist Beyond 8 Bits?

By Rich Shivener in Game Talk/Community
Monday, April 2, 2012 at 3:00 pm
Straight bullshitter. Always chasing.
It's no trade secret that the choose-your-own-adventure, meta-awesome Mad Men: The Game hit YouTube two weeks ago, thanks to Fine Brothers Productions. I suspect you've played it, had a few laughs and went back to your Old Fashioneds and regularly scheduled gaming. I just played it. I guess I was napping through gaming news when it debuted. Or maybe I was too focused on the show's season premiere. And whiskey.

Anyway, post-Walking Dead, I'm all about Mad Men Sundays. Mad Men: The Game is a great bonus, but it has me thinking about Mad Men's potential beyond the world of 8 bits. What do you think? I'm envisioning a robust point-and-click game centering on a budding exec or copywriter at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, where each decision (and drink) has a ripple effect on the company's narrative. Give me some ideas and I'll steal them for a longer article. I won't give you credit either.

If anything, we need a true 8-bit game of Mad Men. When I played this, I wanted, for instance, to control Don as he raced to Bert's office; I wanted to punch Campbell, damnit!

I guess, unlike Don, we can't have everything.
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