What Are You Playing This Weekend?

By James Hawkins in Game Talk/Community
Friday, March 23, 2012 at 3:00 pm
This weekend I will be working. Over the whole weekend. And not for this site. For my big boy job. And I will be sad about that. However I do not want you to be. I want you to bust out your console and jam to your favorite games with your best friends. Because the weekends are fun winners like you, not for shmucks like me.

And I want you to tell me what you intend on playing. If it is Mass Effect, just scribble bunch of words like this: "adkljawe;lgkjas;dglakwrgh" into the comments section. If not, please legibly write (<--split infinitive) what game you are enjoying at the moment, and what I should be playing when I am not breaking my back for the man. And listen to this song, it is especially to get you jammed for the weekend.

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