Halo: The Fallen Fan-Film Is $200 Well Spent

By James Hawkins in Fan Art
Monday, March 12, 2012 at 1:00 pm
If you can do something really, really well, you should probably post a video of yourself in action on the Tubes of You. Take a note from the crew who did HALO: The Fallen. These guys are showcasing their script-writing, technical effects, computer editing, and costumery skills to the world. And they're only using a small amount of money to fund it: around 2 hunnit in cash money.

It is a good display of serious talent. Full-scale battle scenes. Great renderings of headshots, and excellent manipulations of Covenant Elite. I highly suggest you watch this -- even if HALO has been MIA for a little while, the fans of the franchise have been hard at work.

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