The Achievement Hunter Case #1: Avatar: The Burning Earth

By Jackson Maringa in The Achievement Hunter
Thursday, February 9, 2012 at 10:00 am

Hi everyone, I'm the new guy! In between getting wedgies and having my lunch stolen by the other guys, I play games - a lot of them. Hey, don't walk away, I'm serious! Most of my time is dedicated to the Xbox 360 and I'll be the first one to admit that I'm a shameless, pathetic achievement whore.

It all started back with King Kong, the horrific Ubisoft launch game for the 360 that finally answered the ages old question of "how would a dinosaur react to being poked with a stick?" From there, it was all downhill. Behind a 7-11 I paid a guy to get me a copy of Avatar: The Burning Earth. In the airport parking lot I met someone who hooked me up with a copy of Captain America: Super Soldier. In a dirty bus station bathroom I traded games with someone to get a copy of TMNT. My trail to achievement point greatness is stained with sorrow and despair.

Hey kid, the Hannah Montana game has super easy points!

But, I digress. That was the old days! The new days of achievement points are certainly taking a turn for the better. As developers get more creative in how they mete out those sweet, sweet points, the player is the one who reaps all the benefits.  And thus, ladies and gentlemen, is what this column will focus on. Each week I'll delve into a game and analyze its achievement points, both good and bad. And maybe, just maybe, I'll save a little piece of my soul.

My editor tells me, though, that I need to do at least something for this post, so here it goes.

Avatar: The Burning Earth - all achievements acquired in three minutes. Go to the first fight in the game - literally. Hit B button 50 times. 1000 points gained. Forced to go outside because it went so fast. The sun burns, like fire.
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