Super QB Robert Griffin III Is Next NCAA Cover Star

By James Hawkins in Gaming News
Tuesday, February 28, 2012 at 10:00 am
This message may be falling on deaf ears, but I care about it. So, you'll need to lend me just a second of your time. It is about football -- something I know many of you don't follow, but definitely should.

Robert Griffin III, the Baylor superstar, 2011 Heisman Trophy winner, and Andre 3000 lookalike, will be featured as the cover athlete on EA's upcoming NCAA Football 2013. The game, which will likely see release in late July or early August, is going to feature Griffin alongside a classic superstar. This is the equivalent of a college "Wheaties" athlete for our generation.

On March 12, polls will open on Facebook for fans to vote and decide on Griffin's box-mate. Voters will decide between Herschel Walker (UGA), Andre Ware (Houston), Marcus Allen (USC), Desmond Howard (Michigan), Charlie Ward (FSU), Barry Sanders (OKST), Doug Flutie (BC), and Eddie George (OSU). I, personally, am an Andre Ware fan, so full disclosure, that's who I'm going to be voting for.
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