Dorkly Pings The Sad Fate Of The Unchosen Pokemon

By James Hawkins in Humor
Monday, February 20, 2012 at 4:00 pm

At the beginning of Pokemon, I picked Charmander and Gary picked Squirtle. And yes, the last Pokemon I beat was Yellow. So, I don't know if these names mean anything to you younger generations. But anyway.

Fire may not > water in the games, but I always thought fire was cooler than water -- plus, I liked having Poliwrath or Kabutops as my primary water Pokemon, so Blastoise was a tough sell. Is my supreme dorkiness showing yet?

In this Dorkly video, Bulbasaur is left behind as the two rivals begin their journeys -- as usual. But his fate is something far more nefarious than what I had originally assumed. Twisted even. But twisted is Dorkly's specialty. 

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