Breaking Bad As An Old-School RPG

By James Hawkins in Humor, Videos
Thursday, February 2, 2012 at 10:00 am
So, the Breaking Bad phenomenon has cooled down a bit since Season 4 ended. But not everyone is satisfied by sitting around watching other stuff until the next season arrives, and the cliffhanger is answered. For some, it is time to put all that love and inspiration into something tangible. Like a Breaking Bad 16-bit video game.

Enter the world-famous College Humor crew. They've skewered, lampooned, and comedified everything under the sun, and Walter White is next on the list. This will take you on an extremely abridged ride through the show's main plot line. Enjoy, and don't watch if you aren't 100% caught up with the show, because serious show spoilers abound!

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