Xbox 720 Rumors and Speculation

By Metallman
Friday, January 27, 2012 at 5:00 pm
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​Hey there. The console wars are beginning to heat up again. Numbers are flying as to just how more powerful the Wii U is compared to the Xbox 360 and just how mush stronger the processors of the "Xbox 720" will be. It's all technical mumbo jumbo that in theory translates into faster loading times, kick-ass framerates, and overall picture quality. The best part of all is that we are now being allowed a glimpse into what the new consoles can do and with that glimpse, we also get some heresay of what they can and can't do. The latest info that has been leaked online are some of the capabilities of Microsoft's next console, the Xbox 720. Here is what is being said.

Blu-Ray and Kinect 2

According to many "games industry sources", the Xbox 720 will finally move to use Blu-Ray discs. The PS3 of course  already has Blu-Ray discs, which offer far greater storage capacity than DVDS. I could have had Final Fantasy XII on one Blu-Ray disc as opposed to 3 DVDs. Other rumors say the next console' processors are aimed to be 6 times more powerful that the chip power of the Xbox 360. Let's just hope that Microsoft doesn't rush these machines and create another red ring of death fiasco. A machine with this much power needs to be adequately cooled!

The "Kinect 2" is another added rumor that is taking on the internet. Microsoft plans on bundling up their new console with the latest version of the Kinect. It's said that the technology on the new Kinect is so awesome, that the Kinect will be able to read your lips! How it's going to be used in video games I'm not sure, but as long as there's no "Mime Time" type game, I'm all for more powerful accessories. I currently own a Kinect and I must say that it does what it's supposed to. It does have a few glitches here and there and I'm wondering if the next installment of the Kinect fine tunes those issues.

The Death of GameStop?

Now this one is a killer... It is rumored that Microsoft is trying to implement an "anti-piracy" solution to their new console and what they have come up with will shake the used game market to its core. In order to stop piracy, the Xbox 720 will NOT allow used games to be played. WHAT?!?!?! How is that going to work? Will each game be shipped with a special license code that will allow that game to be used on that console? GameStop will be put out of business if this is true. They make a killing selling the same game over and over. Imagine that you MUST pay the full $60 (or maybe even more...) for a game to find out that it sucks and you're stuck with it. 

No More Used Games.JPG
​I'm for anti piracy measures, but I think this feature is definitely going to alienate more than a few gamers. Most of us shop at places like GameStop because they allow us to score those games at discounted prices. Games that somebody no longer wanted. I understand that publishers will love it, since they'll see max profits, but gamers that count on gaming on the cheap will be left out in the dust.

So what do you guys think of what is being said on the Xbox 720? Let's hear it. Later!

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