Keep Your Gaming Gear Clean With Antec's Cleaning Kits

By Jeremy M. Zoss in GearFest
Monday, January 23, 2012 at 9:00 am
You know what's NOT a fascinating subject? Cleaning supplies. Nevertheless, we all know that gaming gear can tend to get... kinda grubby. Think about it: your sweaty hands clutching your controller for hours on end - all that biological matter being excreted from your palms has to go somewhere. Gross, right? Chances are that you should really be cleaning your gear far more often than you are.

Antec's new line of cleaning products is just the solution you're looking for. 
Antec offers three different cleaning kits, all at a reasonable price. Both the all-natural and 3X strength versions come with a large spray bottle, travel bottle and microfiber cloth for around $10. These sprays are great for screens - I had a strange slimy smear on my HDTV screen that I couldn't get off for months, and the 3X spray took care of it on the first try.

While the sprays are more for screens, you can take care of that grey goo that builds up on your controllers with the deep-cleaning gel. This stuff really gets in there and takes care of the sludge that builds up on keyboards, controllers, mouses and other hands-on gear (and wipes out 99%) of germs in the process. Like the sprays, it includes a microfiber cleaning cloth and sells for around $11.

I won't bore you with too many more words on cleaning products, but I will say that I never gave much thought to keeping my gear clean until these products showed up at JD Central. Now that I've tried them, I can never go back. My 360 controller is the freshest you'll ever smell.

This article is based on products provided by the manufacturer. 
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