"Hi," From The Two Sternest Motherfuckers You Know

By James Hawkins in Misc Nonsense
Friday, January 27, 2012 at 9:00 am
This is Joystick Division columnist Aaron Matteson (left) and me (right). What you see here is a picture of us getting wasted together in celebration at a bar in Brooklyn, just after a series best-of-5 round of foosball. See, Brooklyn where he lives, and where I'm visiting right now. (Big deal, since I live in Seattle.) And this is the 2nd anniversary of my first column on the site -- now 1,153 articles later.

So, Aaron and I have been close friends and collaborative writers since about 2004, a year or so before we graduated high school together. You may know him from our brilliant Five Things weekly editorial. While we've been writing for Joystick Division for about 18 months together, this is the first time we've documented it and felt compelled to reach out to everyone and say "thank you" for being our followers and for reading our columns for such a long time. The consensus tonight, in all of this stupor, is that this website and the writers within it work hard to put out content for you to adhere to. And we love it to our very cores. And we love you.

That said, "Hi, there!" You marvelous, wonderful people. We look forward to all that's there in the future, and to what we can achieve together. 
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