60beat GamePad Gives My iPad Screen a Break, Makes Me Lazier

By Rich Shivener in GearFest, Reviews
Friday, January 13, 2012 at 7:00 pm
Bring on the thumb action.
With three iOS games supporting it thus far, 60beat's new GamePad leaves me wanting more, but it's a promising product. An analog controller, complete with two joysticks,  it resembles those of PlayStation and Xbox, the variation being that it's powered when connected to an iOS device's audio. No need for Bluetooth or batteries. You simply plug it into an iPhone/iPad's headphone jack, and the provided audio splitter features a second headphone jack if you want game audio.

This week I had a chance to check out two titles coupled with the controller: Aftermath, a third-person zombie shooter, and Caster, a third-person action/anime game that takes cues from Nintendo 64 graphics. Check out a few impressions after the jump.

Aftermath, which is mildly entertaining, strikes me as a cousin of Dead Nation on the PlayStation Network. The main character, a one-man army, battles hordes of zombies, using grenades and kick-ass guns to blast his way to "success," or the end of the level.  R1 shoots, R2 throws grenade, L1 is Sprint - you get the idea.

60beat GamePad was in-sync with the gameplay. If any latency exists, I don't sense it at all.

Latency was also nonexistent in Caster, the more sophisticated game of the two. In this third-person action/anime game, your character dispatches enemies called Flanx, jumping high into air and harnessing energy as he assists an ally. The GamePad complemented the gameplay; however, it's troubling that the game, unlike Aftermath, doesn't have a overview of the controls. Aftermath explicitly senses the GamePad's connection.

Overall, I hope more sophisticated games will support 60beat's GamePad, which saves my iPad screen from greasy fingers and smudges (uh, mine). On my wish list: FIFA 12, Street Fighter IV and Modern Combat: Fallen Nation.    


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