This Kid Has A Portal-Themed Room And It Is Crazy

By James Hawkins in Misc Nonsense
Monday, November 28, 2011 at 5:00 pm
My room is currently various shades of brown and Mojave orange. I have a BioShock poster on my wall, which is brown and Mojave and yellow, an old school brushed copper clock to match the BioShock poster's frame. I have brown sheets on my bed, a black and brown computer desk and a brown leather chair. I think it looks rather cool, but I think the general consensus is that it comes off as chichi and boring. At least to those lucky enough to see my room, if you catch my drift. Wink wink.

I think I like it because my room was always very standard. When I was young, it was white-bread suburban kid room replete with dinosaur lamps and a tiger pictures. In college, it was regular suburban dude room with Scarface poster and a beer graph and maybe a scantily clad female pouting for the camera. Now, it's stark and coordinated and cool. I hurriedly pick up my undies when I slip up and leave them in a pile on the floor. It just ruins the aesthetic and that is something I can't cope with.

So, imagine if you will, if this same kind of quarter-life neurosis hit the kid I'm about to show you. Click the link.

This little mahfucka has a PORTAL themed bedroom. Companion Cubes. Orange and blue lava lamps. The works. 

He seems so damn happy. And why shouldn't he be? 25 years old and my postmodern pumpkin-themed room pales in comparison, and I only feel true happiness when my rare room-specific OCD is satiated by a made bed and vacuumed floor. When he turns 25, and he realizes how much awesomer life can be, who knows what his room will look like? A Rapturian glass-walled room with fish tanks on the walls that makes it look like you're under the ocean, perhaps?

Anyway, that's years from now. This kid's name is Vector Farr, and his dad is an interior designer. A talented one, at that. The two of them love Portal, so his room got the makeover. Plus he has a bathroom that is ALSO Portal themed, and if that doesn't make you jealous then you, my friend, are spoiled rotten.  See for yourself here.


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